Needed Ingredients: -Half a banana -Medium ripe avocado -An egg white Method of preparation: Take the avocado and remove the pulp, and after that add the banana. Place it in a container, and then beat the egg white and include it into the mixture. Beat all the ingredients till you obtain a thick piece. Prior applying it, clean the skin area and then spread out the cream over the area. Spread it onto your face and neck. Leave it to act for around 25 minutes. After that, rinse it with cold water and repeat the treatment 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Cream of cinnamon and coconut oil
Cinnamon is great addition in desserts, infusions and coffee, and it is a great spice for the health of the skin as well. It has been used since forever in the natural treatments. It displays the most pleasant scent, and above all it boosts the circulation, soothes the pain and enhances the body’s health. Likewise, it has the ability to fight off acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits. This is a natural treatment so you will not be endangered of any side effects, in fact it will contribute to younger and glowing skin. In order to gain all its benefits you need to prepare the following mixture. Needed Ingredients: -1 tablespoon of either olive or coconut oil -2 tablespoons of brown sugar -1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder Method of preparation: The preparation of this cream is very simple and easy, and for that purpose you will need to combine the above listed ingredients in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients nicely so that you obtain a homogenous texture. Use this mixture as a scrub, and with its use you will manage to rejuvenate your hands. Just spread it onto your hands, and then very gently rub it for several minutes so that you can eliminate the dead cells from the skin. In the end, rinse your hands with plenty of water. By using this cream you will obtain the appearance of youthful hands free of wrinkles. This is a quick and practical method which can efficiently remove the wrinkles of your hands. By applying this method your hands will become soft and young, just use it daily and the results will be visible very soon.
  • Mask made of yogurt, honey and banana
The yogurt contains an acid which greatly contributes to the beauty. Thanks to its use the skin natural pH is being regulated and at the same time prevents the occurrence of fine wrinkles on the hands, around the eyes and mouth. The anti-wrinkle power of this ingredient is enhanced by including honey with orange and banana. This great combo will turn into amazingly powerful anti-wrinkle treatment which will offer you moisturizing antioxidant agents that care for the skin. Continue Article Next Page

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